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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with B)

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Christian Song Titles "B" Search Results (100-150)
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Basic Instructions  - Richard Smallwood

Basic Instructions before leaving earth... For God so much loved the world, That He gave His one and only Son. That whoever believeth in Him Shall not die but live on. Bridge Living on... Through the Son Peace almighty L . . .
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Bastards Will Pay  - Trouble

You make our decisions You make our rules then you make us fight your stupid wars that`s going too far (Chorus) Come on people let me hear you say You bastards, you`re gonna pay You tell us not to steal You tell us not t . . .
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Bathed in Blood  - Mortification

Bathed In BloodWords & Music: Jayson SherlockBlood poured out for youBlood poured out for meThe blood of Christ that isThe blood that set us freeBlemished we are no moreCleansed as white as snowRedeemed by the sacrificeA . . .
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Bats  - Tourniquet

bats, bats, batsyou think they'll hit you - but they won'tyou think they nest in your hair - but they don'tbats, bats, batsyou think that feathers is what they gotyou think they are a bird - but they are notthe old adage . . .
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Battle Belongs To The Lord  - Fred Hammond

In heavenly armour we'll enter the land The battle belongs to the Lord No weapon that's fashioned against us shall stand The battle belongs to the Lord We sing glory and honor Power and strength to the Lord (repeat) The . . .
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Battle for Destiny - Seventh Avenue

(Instrumental) . . .
Seventh Avenue  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Battle Hymn Of The Republicby Brooklyn Tabernacle ChoirWritten by Julia Ward and Don MoenAlbum: High & Lifted UpVerse 1Mine eyes have seen the glory of the Coming of the LordHe is trampling out the vintage whereThe grap . . .
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Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Rev John Flowers

Glory, glory, hallelujahGlory, glory, hallelujahGlory, glory, hallelujahHis Truth is marchingHis Truth is marchingOh, His Truth is marching onMine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LordHe is trampling down th . . .
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Mine eyes have seen the gloryOf the coming of the LordHe is trampling out the vintageWhere the grapes of wrath are storedHe hath loosed the fateful lighteningOf His terrible swift swordHis truth is marching onGlory, Glor . . .
Stryper  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Battle Of The Bones  - Flatfoot 56

The time has come old boy for me to tell you a tale of a man filled with passion theres no room for him to fail he sailed his ship the Lidy Hoo, across the seven seas with his crew screaming at him, lead us on, sir, if y . . .
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Battle of the Flesh  - Bloodgood

Pleasures of the flesh seem sweetWorldly thoughts rush inWe fight and fight for mind controlOur weakness turns to sinPride of man makes him fallAnd lust is in his eyesSuch battle that we're inDarkness feeds us lies, lies . . .
Bloodgood  |  View Lyrics

Battle of the living dead  - Lordian Guard

The morning has come with the dawn of the sunand the masses arise to the day.They meet their despair in pointless travail,lost in the maze of the world where Death is the stage.For Mammon they live, to themselves they wi . . .
Lordian Guard  |  View Lyrics

Battle On  - War Of Ages

Your love will never fade even when we failIn You we find strength for You're our shelterWe refuse to fallThis is our battle cry can we make it last until our last breathI know that You'll remain the same today and forev . . .
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Battle Wounds Pt1: The Brimstone Epitaph  - With Faith Or Flames

as night turns into morning, our cries will fill the air we will not stand for persecution of our true birthright the swords will clash with thunder, their sheilds will bend and break they have no right to cast us into t . . .
With Faith Or Flames  |  View Lyrics

Battle Wounds Pt2: Hell Hath No Fury  - With Faith Or Flames

we shall not retreat as long as the five of us stand united in truth, we shall not submit to demands we've suffered no loss despite the amount of our wounds our weapons are strong, we shall be victorious soon our forces . . .
With Faith Or Flames  |  View Lyrics

We walked on glass all day long, with eyes rolled back.It came with smiles, it came with gestures, and it came with motives.Investing flowers in one hand and a blade in the other,This is between me and this blade, and my . . .
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Be  - Rev John Flowers

BeAll in all we're fading Like a soul lost in the wilderness We're cold and we're cut off from it Not knowing where it's gonna end There's a star in Bethlehem, it's calling you It's memory of One made it Be, be yourself . . .
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Be A Fence  - New Direction

Be A Fence(African-American Traditional)(arranged by Durranice Pace Love)(recorded by The Anointed Pace Sisters)Intro:Everyday, day, day, everyday.Chorus:Jesus, be a fence all around us everyday,Jesus, we need You to pr . . .
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Be A Living Sacrifice  - Fire Engine Red

Be a living sacrifice, you've got to live a holy life God is faithful to forgive us our sins, we must in return remain faithful to him My God , he is perfect My God , he can't stand sin He wants us to be a holy nation, s . . .
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Be A Man  - Tony Vincent

his daddy told him when he was five real men don’t cry the whole world sold him this pack of lies teal men don’t cry so his tender heart turns colder as the days turn into years he’s erasing all t . . .
Tony Vincent  |  View Lyrics

Be All End All  - Tree63

Center of attention night and dayI just hang on every word You sayWith worlds revolving 'round You silentlyHow come You have all this time for me?'Cos You spend all day inside my brainI'm overcome - hard to explainSo wha . . .
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Be Connected  - Mariah Carey

rev.Jackie McCullough - Be ConnectedBe Connectedby Rev. Jackie McCulloughStay connected to the tree of lifeStay connected to the way that is rightStay connected to the creative powerStay connected to GodStay connected to . . .
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Be Enthroned Oh God  - Kim Burrell

(Wendell Burton/Chuck Girard)Oh Lord Most High we come before You nowAnd with one heart we ask againThat we might worship You in holinessAnd to Your presence enter inDraw back the veil that we might see Your faceAnd gaz . . .
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Be Glorified  - Youth For Christ

Your love has captured me Your grace has set me free Your life the air I breathe Be glorified in me Your love has captured me Your grace has set me free Your life the air I breathe Be glorified in me You set my feet to . . .
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Be God's  - Kierra Sheard

Words and music by Carolyn ArendsDon't forget to wear your sweater Don't want you to catch a cold And please, if you can stand it Try to eat your vegetables When you're standing on the corner Look both ways, wait for th . . .
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Be Grateful - Kierra Sheard

Be Grateful Written by Walter HawkinsIntro: Ooh, grateful Ooh, grateful Chorus: Be grateful. Be grateful. Verse 1: God has not promised me sunshine, that's not the way it's going to be; but a little rain (a little rain) . . .
Kierra Sheard  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

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